Swimming Pool


The swimming pool of Good Houses Apartmentis open for use with fee to the public and corporate group with the following details:

The swimming pool is 18 x 9 meters (length x width) with a depth of 1 to 3 meters, perfect for both small children and adults. There are two sliders, a pool bar and underwater lighting for late night swims. Separate shower and toilet facilities for males and females are located in the same area with an outdoor shower next to the swimming pool. Other amenities include poolside indoor seating areas and a small garden.

Experience total privacy and relaxation as the swimming area is separated from the apartment building with a beautiful garden.

Opening hours are from 07.00 to 18.00 pm. Off-hours swimming is permitted upon prior requests.

Swimming Pool Fee

  Per visit Monthly rate 6-month rate Annual rate
  Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult
Apartment Guest 80 100            
Public 100 120            


Garden & Lawn



Located next to the swimming pool, the garden and lawn measures 25 x 25 meters and is available freely for apartment guests and open for rent to the public for special events such as private party or picnic.




Good Houses Apartment provides a total of 30 outdoor parking spaces for guests. The parking area is located inside the apartment premises with 24-hour security and CCTV.


House for Rent


A house located nearby Good Houses Apartment is available for long term rent. A 2 storey house is unfurnished. Existing floor plan/layout includes 6 large rooms, 4 toilets and shower on the first floor and a single open room on the second floor.

There are 2 private parking space with a 25x25 meter lawn and private access to the swimming pool. The house is ideal for family or small businesses operations.